The word for Trommel, which is used in many stages of the industry, is REVOLVING SCREEN. It is used to separate products of different sizes. Screen sizes vary depending on the need. Material and product from the trommel are transferred from the system in different ways.



This is used to separate Plastic bottles out of a bale and to eliminate the accumulation of soil, sand, dirt etc. between them. It is driven by double motor mounted on the body. It is mounted on a steel chassis and is surrounded by a walkway. Waste fall out from the system is removed with the help of 2 bunkers.



Plastic bottles from the screening trommel enter the washing trommel which is made entirely of stainless steel. The plastic bottles go through 2 stages and leave the system clean. In the first stage, the flotation process is made with hot water and the label and foreign materials on the bottles are softened. In the second stage, the labels are rinsed with high pressure medicated water and the labels are stripped off the bottles.



It is used for separating mixed products of different sizes. Sieve diameter, length and pore shape will vary according to the goods to be separated.